"Always keep in mind that each one of us have unique stories and experiences"

The project is all about creating an artwork based on a psychological theory entitled "The Big Five Personality Traits", which is done through a process of traditional sculptures. The process also includes of finding appropriate materials such as looking for materials that are very durable or firm, to materials that are recycable to use as part of the sculptures. The way that the sculptures was built was all around personal stuff that are significant in shaping of who I really am, from my old to the present self. I use fictional monsters to represent those personalities that I have since its my personal preference because I always feel or see myself as a grotesque beast inside, or merely suggesting that my mind is mostly living on a world of fiction than reality. The objective is to promote self-discovery and understand who you really are to yourself and to the lens of others around you.

What is "The Big Five Personality Trait Theory?"

The Big Five personality Traits are a theory that Lewis T. Golberg, Robert R McCrae, and Paul T. Costa have developed It is a theory identifying a person, which set distinctions in each other. It combines unique patterns of characteristics like individual thoughts, emotions, expressions, and behaviors. It is composed of different main personality traits formed in a group, which are called openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The tendency of how the behavior of people affects themselves is dependent on the results of the sub traits, which these sub traits are fixed in a range level, meaning that they have their high- and low-level tier.


How interested and curious the person can be around them.


- How a person can prepare for whatever task that he\she will receive.


how a person can have a high amount of energy in socializing with others.


describes a person and their relationship with others, regardless the social status.


pertains to how a person can control their emotions.

Let me introduce you to my monsters, which are base on how I feel and perceive them, still inclined to my own Big Five Personality Traits Result Descriptions

Chippy (Openness)

Chippy is a pure artististic monster. He loves playing with lot of objects and mostly using them to craft various stuff. His brain have vivid imagination which helps him develop different concept from time to time. He never stopped thinking of the different possibilities because he feels that there are more to explore to the world. He is very open on changes which he aims to experience every possibilities and moments that the world may offer to him.

Tad (Conscientiousness)

Tad is a very time concious monster. Every seconds that passes is has a significance to him because those seconds provide limitless opportunities to catch up. Time is a valuable thing for him to not waste, because the improvements and discoveries lies in those seconds.

Bon-Bon (Extraversion)

Bon-Bon is very friendly monsters. He likes having hugs and conversation with different people. He always thinks that everyone deserves a hug, especially in dire situations of being alone. He's very against the concept of no one care, as he always says that there will be people ready to listen to your stories. He is also the one to lift you up on your lowest self-esteem because he will be there to provide you support.

Peanut and Jamie (Agreeableness)

Peanut is quite the selfish one. He mostly ignore the situations that is happening around him. He chooses his own preference rather than to care to others. On the other hand, a twin behind him named "Jamie" have an opposite perception to people. Jamie has knowledge on how to resolve conflicts with others . He also knows how to show interest and emphaty with them. Despite Peanut's little selfishness, Jamie still helps him to thinks people are not so bad afterall.

Gus (Neuroticism)

Gus is known for having different emotion, but being calm and relaxed under fire is the dominant. He knows how to find time to lay back when things are getting too hot to handle. He always remind himself that he has limits. Breaking that limit makes him feel fragile which may break at anytime. He also need to maintain his emotions in check so that he is in control and no sudden breaking down.